Blended Family Ceremonies

Weddings that unite couples with children provide a precious once-in-a-lifetime chance to include everyone in a singular moment that melds parents and children into a new family unit. What a wonderful opportunity to publicly and proudly declare to everyone present—guests and children who participate in the ceremony alike—that you are “family”! Indeed, these ceremonies bring together and define family like no other wedding ceremony. As a Wedding Officiant and Celebrant, I help you create a blended family wedding with opportunity to truly create “family” and set the future you will all share together.[show_slider name=blended]

Unlike other couples, you invite your children to witness your vows and ask them to join with you in the work of building and celebrating family. As a couple, you are dedicating yourself to the care of children; you are providing them with a fresh opportunity to be part of something grand and glorious. All of you have an opportunity to learn and grow together, to form relationships and make memories that will last a lifetime. Together, you have a unique role in defining how your children and young adults move forward into lives and loves of their own.

I love wedding ceremonies that include children! Recognizing and honoring our children in weddings provides a valuable and important opportunity to truly create “family” and set a tone for the future you will share as that family. Celebrate the lovely family participating in your ceremony—the family who will be part of every family celebration to come.

I welcome the opportunity to help you include ceremonial elements that will reinforce the work you’ve done to bring your family together for your very special wedding. Even better if we create family rituals that are remembered, cherished and recreated to celebrate the wonderful family created on your wedding day!

Rehearsal at the event venue or off-site is always helpful. You’ll have full editorial rights to the final ceremony we’ll present and I’ll bring along a cue sheet for event coordinators and DJ’s or musicians so we’re all “on the same” page during the ceremony. And I’ll send a keepsake copy of your ceremony via email after your ceremony.