Personalized Custom Wedding Ceremonies

What is a personalized ceremony?

Most of the ceremonies I’ve performed since the beginning of my work as a Celebrant have been custom written and highly personalized ceremonies. I always say, “your wedding, your way” and this is the most intimate and personally tailored to fit of all the ceremonies I perform.

Couples answer questions about their relationship and the staging of their ceremony. I am always touched and impressed by the time, thought and effort—and love!—couples put into telling me their story and then, setting the stage for their ceremony.

I generally begin working with couples six to nine months before their ceremony and send the draft of their ceremony well before their wedding date so edits are complete before the intensity of the wedding week begins. Couples have full editorial rights of their ceremony and I do not go “off script” during the ceremony unless something fun happens during the ceremony….I absolutely had to comment when a wild turkey strolled through the ceremony at an Estes Park venue!

Couples personalize their ceremonies—readings and/or blessings shared by family or friends, unity rituals, tributes to family members who have passed and personalized vows. One groom sang to his bride during the ceremony—not a dry eye in the house! The primary focus of personalized ceremonies is always the couple’s love story which is threaded throughout the ceremony. I frequently hear from guests  that they learned something new about the couple and that they really enjoyed hearing their engagement stories and their plans for the future.

Rehearsals are an hour-long and important to the success of the wedding ceremony. They’re casual and relaxed and I particularly enjoy meeting families and friends at rehearsal. Wedding ceremonies are typically twenty-five minutes long and I bring along a cue sheet for wedding coordinators and DJ’s or musicians so we’re all “on the same page” during the ceremony.

I’ll send a keepsake copy of your ceremony via email several weeks after the ceremony.