End-of-life Tributes & Celebrations


Candlelighting ceremony for family during funeral

Funeral/Memorial Service/Celebration of Life: $500
Graveside Service/Inurnment/Scattering of Ashes only: $250
Pre-need Planning and Ceremony Design: $250

As a Celebrant, my focus is that of creating respectful and meaningful end-of-life tributes that honor the life of your family member or friend. I meet with families to gather information about deceased—everything from their biographical data to their childhood experiences, personal anecdotes, their work, hobbies and interests, the music and books they enjoyed to who that person was, what they stood for and what they meant in the lives of their friends and families. I work with you to weave together personal stories and eulogies with symbolic elements, music and readings to intentionally commemorate and celebrate life.

My intent is always to involve friends and family in presenting a culturally sensitive service that will touch hearts and bring hope as well as the beginning of healing. Every family sees the entire written ceremony from prelude music through final disposition prior to the service and has final editorial approval. I provide music cue sheets for the funeral home staff to facilitate our work together in providing a professional and polished service. In the days following the service, I send families with a keepsake copy of the ceremony.

As you consider celebrating and acknowledging the legacy of a friend or family member, I encourage you to consider alternative venues beyond traditional settings—perhaps an outdoor setting beloved by the person who passed or the family, community rooms in recreation centers, restaurants or bars, backyards and private homes. Many wedding venues are also available for other ceremonies, including celebrations of life. The Community House at Chautauqua Park in Boulder and the Event Center at Hudson Garden are beautiful settings that work well for celebrations of life. Celebrations of life need not be public; they may be private, for family only. The emphasis is on acknowledging the loss, giving family an opportunity to express their grief and taking care of ourselves and our own mourning as we process the death.

If you wish to write or participate in preparing your own funeral, memorial or celebration of life ceremony, I would love the opportunity to hear your story and create a ceremony with you and for you as well.

As you think of final commemoration services in your own life or in honor of a beloved family member or friend, I would be honored to create with you an End of Life Tribute, Celebration of Life, Funeral, Memorial Service, Graveside or Committal Ceremony that is a loving, hopeful and heartfelt tribute to life.


Center for Loss and Life Transitions