Frequently Asked Questions

What’s unique about Lin?

I am dedicated to learning and growing and perfecting my craft as a professional Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant. I am honored to meet with couples and families, to hear and read their stories and work with them, every step of the way, until we have the perfect ceremony that reflects them, their heritage and culture, and their intentions for one of the most meaningful days in their lives.

I am often asked which I prefer, weddings or funerals. My honest answer is “both”; they each enrich my life and my soul, provide beautiful, memorable personal and professional experiences.

While I love serving as Celebrant and Wedding Officiant and Funeral Celebrant and am very dedicated, I have great joy and fun in my work. A quote by Katherine Graham describes my belief about my Celebrant career perfectly: “To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?”

What is a “personalized” ceremony?

A personalized wedding ceremony or funeral/memorial service is a ceremony that it written and designed specifically for and by you. A personalized ceremony tells the story of individuals, couples and families and each ceremony is uniquely different. I don’t just drop couple’s names into a prewritten ceremony. Even an elopement ceremony still has room for a couple’s own vows and a reading or two to add a touch of personalization. Additionally, we work together to get it just right. We’ll be working together as a team until we have the perfect fit for your special occasion. I was privileged to work with a couple in 2017 to create a ceremony that we performed in the middle of a labyrinth—it was a like no other wedding I’ve been involved in and a great joy!

How much does a personalized ceremony cost and how long will it be?

My wedding ceremonies are usually 15-25 minutes long, a bit longer if we add several rituals and readings. I particularly like audience participation and involvement. I encourage couples to involve friends and family in the ceremony itself by sharing readings and performing rituals within the ceremony with couples. And something during the ceremony will involve and engage everyone present—I work to create that kind of experience for couples and their guests. I want your ceremony to be enjoyable and memorable—and maybe even fun!

My rates range from $250 plus mileage over a total 60 miles for a simple “elopement” wedding with no rehearsal to $600 plus mileage over a total of 60 miles. I ask for deposit of half the fee when we “book” your ceremony to hold your preferred wedding date and time

Funerals or memorial services are typically 45-60 minutes long. My fee for a funeral or memorial ceremony is $500 plus mileages over 60 miles, $250 plus mileage for a graveside service?

What happens at a wedding rehearsal?

Rehearsals are a wonderful, fun and relaxed opportunity for everyone involved in your wedding to meet and unite as a group with a single purpose—to make your wedding ceremony a very special and successful event! I bring copies of cue sheets for musicians, DJs and photographers. Cue sheets are particularly helpful if we include music or rituals within the ceremony. I consider the cue sheet to be the most important document at the wedding—being on the same page with musicians or DJs is critical for the success of the wedding ceremony.

I value your time the day before your wedding and know how quickly time flies leading up to your ceremony. I am very focused and intentional at rehearsals—it’s all about helping everyone present prepare for their role in your ceremony, provide time for them to practice their entrance, exit or reading and answer any questions or concerns they may have. And it’s a chance to work out the bugs before the actual ceremony!

Can we write our own marriage vows?

YES! Your personal and very special words to each other are the heart and soul of your ceremony and even better if they come from your heart and soul! And even if you don’t write your own vows, I’ve got some tricks to make them your own and allow me to step back while the photographer steps in for some incredible shots of the two of you.

What happens if you can’t perform our wedding ceremony or funeral?

As a graduate of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, I am part of a group of Colorado CF&I graduates who meet frequently. We share common beliefs and values about our work as Certified Celebrants, Wedding Officiants and Funeral Celebrants and help each other out in the unlikely event of illness or emergency. So, you’ll have an Officiant performing the ceremony that we have created together, no matter what.

Where do we get a marriage license and how does it fit in the wedding ceremony?

In Colorado, marriage licenses may be purchased at every County Clerk’s office at all sixty-four County Courthouses. Marriage licenses may also be obtained at various motor vehicle offices across the Denver-metro area. I usually recommend that couples go to the County Clerk’s office at the courthouse because the lines are shorter than at DMV offices. After the wedding, I mail your license to the Clerk’s office. The Clerk will send your marriage certificate back to you within six weeks after your ceremony. You can get further information by visiting any of the county web sites and clicking on the County Clerk’s office. Or you can click on the links below:

Adams County
Arapahoe County
Boulder County
Broomfield County
Denver County
Douglas County

What kind of attire do you wear to perform wedding ceremonies?

I usually wear a tailored dress, suit or pants suit. With some lead time, I enjoy wearing clothing that complements the theme or color scheme of your special theme wedding. Finding something that complemented the “Jurassic Park” themed wedding I performed several years ago was an adventure as well! I typically wear a pant suit or skirt and jacket when I perform funeral services.

Where in Colorado do you perform ceremonies?

I work in the Denver metro area and Front Range close to Denver---Idaho Springs, Golden, Loveland, Fort Collins, Boulder and Estes Park, Castle Rock and Parker.

How can we contact you?

My contact information is on the contact page. You may also fill in the form on my contact page and I will be in touch with you very soon. I look forward to hearing from you via email or on the phone to talk about how I can work with you to help you create a very special and memorable ceremony.