Elopement Ceremonies

Coming to Colorado for an “elopement” wedding or a private vow renewal ceremony? You’ve picked a great place for a destination ceremony! The Denver Metro area and Colorado Front Range provide a range of venues and outdoor spaces from quaintly charming to spectacularly scenic any time of the year. Come take advantage of the Colorado’s natural beauty and incredible locations. If you’re considering a weekday wedding, you’ll be pleased to learn that many sites will be willing to work with you and help you create a very special wedding event at substantial savings. Here in Colorado, there is no waiting period required between obtaining your marriage license and saying, “I do”!

I am especially partial to elopement ceremonies and vow renewals planned on a moment’s notice and call them “elopement ceremonies”. I love those impromptu “hey, we’ve decided to get married” calls for a wedding taking place within a week or two—maybe even an hour or two!

I’ve got a ceremony ready and waiting! I’d love to share that very special moment with the two of you and the friends and family you’ll gather together to celebrate and commemorate your wedding. The number of beautiful venues and opportunities to have fun and make memories at the same time are endless and for me, that’s part of the joy and privilege of my work as a Wedding Officiant! I’ll send a keepsake copy of your ceremony via email several weeks after the ceremony.