Vow Renewals

“Some people do spend their whole lives together.”
~Anna Scott (Actress Julia Roberts), in the movie, Notting Hill.

The genuine love expressed in the history and the example of long-term relationships is truly inspiring and worthy of celebration!

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Couples decide to celebrate their relationship for any number of unique and very personal reasons. Whatever the reason or circumstance, vow renewals offer lovely and uniquely personal opportunities to celebrate life and love. Marriage and intimate relationships, even under the most ideal circumstances, offer challenges to learn and grow like nothing else we experience in our lives.

If you are celebrating an anniversary or wish to publicly recommit to your relationship, I welcome the opportunity to create a ceremony that expresses everything your enduring relationship has meant to you and those who love you. What an incredible opportunity to tell your story, complete with the tender moments and the triumphs, while you recommit to continuing your journey together!

You have full control of the content of your final ceremony and full access via phone and email as we co-create your vow renewal ceremony together. I bring along a cue sheet for wedding coordinators and DJ’s or musicians so we’re all “on the same” page during the ceremony.

I’ll send a keepsake copy of your ceremony via email several weeks after the ceremony.